How to Qualify

What are your requirements?

  1. No previous evictions accepted within the last 2 years. If you had an eviction 5 years + we must be able to verify your rental history since then.
  2. Proof of income that the applicant makes 3X the rental amount after taxes (net income) this does not include supplemental income (child support, spousal support, SSI, etc.)
  3. We prefer that you have been at your employer for at least 6 months
  4. We do accept applicants with poor credit, bankruptcies & foreclosures but they must meet all of the requirements listed
  5. Must be able to verify the last year’s rental/mortgage payment history. *If you have rented from a private homeowner we do ask for proof of payments via copies of personal checks, money order/cashier’s check receipts. Applicants who have made rent payments to a private homeowner in the form of cash may not be approved.
  6. We do take into consideration the amount of the rental/mortgage payment history and the amount that the applicant is applying for. If there is more than a $50 increase in the monthly rent amount compared to what the applicant was paying, the applicant may not qualify for the property.
  7. Tenants relocating to Indianapolis area provide proof of future employment by relocation/job offer letter

All applications are on file for 30 days from the application date. After 30 days, the application is expired and tenants must re-apply. Application fees are non-refundable. Applications are processed in 2-3 business days

How do we apply?

You can apply online or in our office during business hours 9 am-5pm Monday-Friday

6215 N College Ave Indianapolis, IN 46220

What do you need to apply?

  1. Complete the application via online or in office
  2. Pay application fee of $35 online or $30 in office (Online applications must be paid before submitting application)
  3. Provide us with a valid photo ID
  4. Proof of income (1 month’s worth of pay check stubs, bank deposits, or previous year’s Tax return if self employed)

Who needs to complete an application?

Any adult who will be on the lease & is employed. The applicant must make the 3X rent amount alone. If they do not make the 3X rent amount alone, please have the co-applicant apply.